Anaga Anaga in Andhra

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  • Date: 2018
  • Author: Various
  • Illustration: Priyankar Gupta
  • Design: Vanika Khanna

A mother wishes to visit a hill covered with snow – is
her wish granted? Five Chinese friends set out to find
treasure amidst stalagmites in a cave. Secret ingredients
for a recipe go missing on Ganesha festival day. How
does a man in orange robes lift a boulder with one
hand? The funny story of how Pulihora got its name.
The truth behind why Chutki is a different bird from
the others on the Banyan tree. How a grandmother’s
demise brought back memories of Kuchipudi. This
and several other stories are wonderful reasons to read
Anaga Anaga in Andhra, an anthology of stories steeped
in the culture, norms, history and lifestyle of Andhra