Timbuktoo Hope

Timbuktoo Hope is the outreach initiative of Timbuktoo Publishing and hopes to make a difference to the lives of underserved children in a small way…as every bit counts. Children in our writing classes are encouraged to create awareness-driven communication for ecology, animals and other causes.

COVID 2020

Starting from the initial Covid months of April to June 2020, proceeds from every Timbuktoo workshop were shared with the following onground organizations distributing food and essentials to unemployed daily wage earners and migrant workers.

HelpyourHelp Campaign

Timbuktoo collaborated with children to create storytelling videos from the stories written by them. Their families would share the videos with the children of their domestic staff via mobile phones. The stories were narrated in regional languages such as Kannada, Tamil and Malayalam

Save the Foxes in Shimoga Campaign

If the Tree was your grandfather, would you cut him down

Timbuktoo was present at the Knights for Queens campaign against the felling of 100 year old trees in the Veterinary Hospital on Queen’s Road. Timbuktoo authors and students used art and poetry to express themselves.