The Sri Lankan Chronicles was launched by His Excellency The Indian High Comissioner to Sri Lanka at Barefoot Gallery, Colombo.

  • Event Date: --
  • Event Location: Colombo

The Sri Lankan Chronicles is the rewarding outcome of 15 multiracial young authors aged 8-14 living in Sri Lanka. Kids of German, Indian, Sri Lankan and Italian origin participated in the event. This project of two months involved Mentoring of writers online and design and illustration process were completed offshore in Bangalore. Spanning subjects as diverse as Environment, Mythology, Wildlife, History and Art, the book is a unique literary initiative because its intent is to foster cultural assimilation.

Illustration: Priyankar Gupta
Book Design: Aseem Gautam
Story Mentor & Editor: Aparna Raman
Event organized in Colombo by: Artika Bakshi, founder, The Good Book Corner blog.
Published by: Timbuktoo Young Authors Publishing
Price on request: click here to order book